Historical Image Resources for Columbus include:

Forest Ira Blanchard Panoramic Images, 1922:

A 1922 Ohio State University masters thesis by Forest Ira Blanchard contains a wealth of panoramic photographs covering much of the city of Columbus. Blanchard, inspired by the Chicago School of Sociology, sought to study the racial and ethnic composition of the city, with a particular focus on the role of transportation (railroads, roads) in shaping the urban landscape. Blanchard’s photographs are remarkable for their depiction of typical streets, railroad corridors, and neighborhoods (rather than the more typical images of important buildings or events). As such, the photographs provide a vital source of information about the urban form of Columbus, its neighborhoods and development.
Source: Forest Ira Blanchard. An introduction to the economic and social geography of Columbus, Ohio. Thesis (M.A.), Ohio State University, 1922.

Additional historical photographs of Columbus from Columbus Memory Project:

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